Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bandung June 2009

We went to Bandung. The flight is on Friday June 5 but Nabila couldn't make it with us for her final exam is scheduled on that day. SO, I bought anew ticket for her, and Najmi sent her (thanks Ming!!) to LCCT for a second time in a row. Bandung Airport. In the background is the IP.ITPN where ARZ used to work for 14 months back in 1994-5

Above pics - inTangkuban Perahu. Ramai sgt manusia kat sini - many of them malaysians.. Temu woghih gitu..

Ciater hot springs. You can see very WARM vapors rising up!!

De Ranch. Nabil on a horse, Nice view of horse park. And Nabil and Alif on ATV

Restoran Padang. A lot of variety. After factory outlets visit.

Thhis is Sunda restoran near Medan Kelapa (near Pasar Baru). You wouldn't believe the choices of food available. You have to queue for your turn - its that popular!!!

Buying in pasar baru - you'll go crazy in here - 7 storeys full of things worth buying ....
We managed only the first and second floors. Kids were complaining - letih la and lapar la...
Ni kedai kain batik
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Ida's wedding May 2009

NurHidayah - Ida married Wadi May 29.

Ida got engaged middle of 2008. From left - cikNin, CikZa, CikMah (ida's mom), Ida, me and CikNin. (Left Pic)
We went back to KB without Nabila - she was (busily?!) preparing for SPM - and therefore had to attend tuition classes

Jimmy's wedding May 2009

A lot of peoploe are getting married this month. See his pics here

Guangzhou Trip - Apr 2009

Daddy (ARZ), Nabila and me went to Guangzhao April 12-15. Nabila has to miss first week of her short semester at MSU for this trip. Stayed at V8 Hotel Train Station Branch Guangzhou hostel - highly recommendable - hostel is on the airport bus transfer route (so, no need for taxis, and available every 10 minutes) and secondly, this place is 5 mins walk to Guangzhou subway metro(to explore the city is easy). This is a DIY trip - we did not engage any tour guide at all. And makan was so easy - we brought our own dapur (hotplate) - so we had rice , curry for breakfast, and dinner and sometimes lunch.
2 pics in Beijing Lu

Street Remains of Ming Dynasti (1368-1644) was discovered in Beijing Lu. So they korek parts of Beijing Lu and tutup with glass. Notice how well placed the stones are - especially by 1368 standard!

Below is the only Muslim restoran we saw. Tapi tak masuk pun sebab dah kenyang makan nasi kat bilik hotel yg dimasak sendiri...

Zhonggang Leather City - 4 floors of selling leather bags !!! Nabila said you could smell the leather from the entrance lagi. VERY cheap....

Guangzhou Railway station near our hotel. Ramai manusia - constantly on the move.

AT night, many city dwellers sleep on the floor berlapik cardboard(mostly) infront of the station..

more GZ pics here

Cameron Highlands Jan 2009

We went to Cameron Highlands end Jan 2009. Stayed at Leisure Holidays apartment - top most floor!!! What a climb!! The receptionist told me that I should have called her earlier to book a room on o lower floor. Well, better luck next time!

CikNin and CikNa joined us the following day with Ida arriving later in the night. The weather was not as cool as I remembered ( from a previous trip).

I bought lots of tea (of course - what else is there to buy!) Wished bought more of the teh tarik variety. They finished pretty quickly!!

Brisbane trip dec 2009

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

najmi's wedding oct 2008

Najmi married Tg Fatihah Oct 2008

Mother and aunties of the bridegroom

Acquiring responsibility...
Selamat Pengantin baru. Semoga dirahmati Allah senantiasa

Monday, June 22, 2009

borobudur april 2008

Actually, rahman and me went earlier (Feb 08) to borobudur

Later, we took the kids with us to this place again!!!

We went to borobudur April 2008.

The hotel that we stayed in. X ingat nama dah!!!

Beca ride. At some point during the trip, the 'pengayuh' has to step down from his bike to push his beca forward!!!
Told the kids - your weights were causing huge strain on the pengayuh beca

Istana converted into museum

Hotel. X ingat nama dah. Nice and comfy!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

our head of family

This was taken during the fasting month 2007. The perdana in the picture would be stolen in a few months' time!!! And was never recovered!

Daddy is working in MMCSB. But his actual job is sleeping...
This is his job. He does this everywhere. The only difference is in the geography - in the kitchen - living room downstairs and upstairs, bedroom downstairs and upstairs!!!

posted by nabila....

The day he acquired his second wife!!! All smiles of course

One of his trips . Padang kut?

Every morning (before taking a bath)

Some mornings, I play some romance song. As u can see, my cat, Lily is as always loyal sitting beside me. She keeps me company every time I play (even though i didn take a bath). bless her(Lily)

Written by her daughter , Nabila, actually xD

Fadhil 's journey

This pic masa kita sent fadhil to UQ for the first time. He was alone - the only student from intec. The rest went earlier and Fadhil was held back because of visa.

His classroom

His UQ campus

Masa Fadhil cuti

Ambil kereta

Fadhil is currently doing his third year - chemical engineering at university of queensland playing piano at home july 2008

Raya Haji 2007. Fadhil pun ada at home. This is at surau section 3. Masa korban